• Are you Currently FCA Directly Authorised Our FCA Network allows Motor Dealers to de-register from direct authorisation with the FCA and register under our authorisation, as an Appointed Representative (AR).
  • Has Your Business Been Previously Authorised By The FCAOur guess is that the reason you de-authorised from the FCA was that keeping up with changing regulation and updating regulatory process and procedures was not worth the perceived aggravation and risk, or both.
  • Your Business has Never been Authorised By The FCAIf you are a new Motor Business or undergoing structural changes that require a new application to the FCA.
  • Currently an FCA AR or Introducer AR Automotive Compliance, as the name suggests offer a compliant alternative to the retail Motor industry for both Consumer Credit and General Insurance regulation.

The Rules as of September 1st 2015

Firms distributing GAP insurance in connection with the sale of Motor Vehicles (add-on-GAP) will be required to: The FCA expect to see better customer outcomes from more informed purchasing decisions and improved competition between add-on and standalone distribution channels as a result of these measures

What these Rules mean to you a Motor Dealer

What is prescribed information?

The total premium of the add-on GAP insurance policy, separately from other prices

The significant features and benefits, significant and unusual exclusions or limitations and cross-references to the relevant policy document provisions.

That GAP insurance is sold by other distributors.

The duration of the GAP insurance policy.

Whether the GAP insurance policy is optional.

When the GAP insurance contract can be concluded by the dealer, including the date on which the information was provided so it is clear to the customer when the ‘clock’ has started.

Automotive Compliance have all the process and procedures a Motor Dealer requires