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Automotive Compliance Launches Enhanced Regulatory Platform

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Automotive Compliance, a principal firm authorised and regulated by the FCA and an automotive software provider, has launched its enhanced regulatory platform, integrating Evolution Funding’s soft search pre-eligibility checking and ‘quote and propose’ technology.

The next-generation system represents a significant advancement in automotive finance compliance, offering dealerships a consolidated platform to streamline customer experiences while supporting consumer duty obligations. By embedding Evolution Funding’s features into Automotive Compliance’s existing system and compliance module, dealerships can avoid rekeying tasks, minimise administrative overheads, and ensure compliant customer interactions at all stages of the process.

The key focus of the enhanced platform is to offer more efficient processes, reduce time-wasting activities, and optimise finance penetration by streamlining the buying journey. The system displays tailored quotes based on the customer’s credit profile before routing them to the most appropriate lender for their credit circumstances, ensuring good consumer outcomes every time. Additionally, the system aims to enhance collaboration with first-string lenders by optimising the quality of submitted applications by integrating lender criteria.

Phil Harding, National Sales Director of Automotive Compliance, said: “We are excited to be working with Evolution Funding to bring this enhanced regulatory platform to market. The integration represents a significant step in enhancing efficiency and compliance within the automotive finance sector. Our goal is to provide dealerships with the tools they need to streamline processes while maintaining regulatory standards and delivering good customer outcomes.”

David Bamforth, Evolution Funding Head of Sales (New Business), added: “We’re delighted to stand alongside one of the leading principal firms in our shared dedication to regulatory compliance. At Evolution, it’s ingrained in our ethos, making this integration a natural fit. By aligning our offerings, we’re advancing industry standards and ensuring seamless experiences for our dealers and their customers.”

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